Terry Parks

Runner, Top 6th or 7th in the World

"Maryanne's massage has been a game changer for me.  Her therapy has helped keep me injury free and helps speed my recoveries.  Her regular massages played a big part in my successful 2011 racing season.  Maryanne is extremely knowledgeable and professional.  Often, she will find problems without me ever mentioning them.  I whole heartedly recommend Maryanne's massage services to any active person seeking to stay healthy and perform at their best."

Jennifer Moore

ACSM Certified Health/Fitness Specialist, USA Triathlon Level 1 Coach

"Maryanne Patton is my muscle whisperer.  She knows just where I need my bodywork without even
telling her!  I couldn't get through my training and racing season without her."

Noah Lang 
"After two knee surgeries, I went to Maryanne for deep tissue massages as I prepped to return to marathon and half Ironman distance racing.  Maryanne's knowledge of the muscles and tendons that were causing me problems on the road surpassed that of any other masseuse I have seen.  After several months of massage and some great new stretches, I regained my former flexibility and am back to endurance racing without pain!  I highly recommend Maryanne to any athlete looking to regain flexibility or speed their recovery while training."

Liz Roberts


"Maryanne has been the answer to my aching neck and back.  As a triathlete and also someone who commutes on a regular bases, I was especially in need of Maryanne's healing hands.  Through visiting her on regular schedule, I feel healthy and free of pain.  She is truly an amazing body worker."

Phillip Morowitz 

Cyclist, Rock Climber
"During my double century bikes rides, I saw Maryanne and she helped me with leg and back pain.  In addition, I am a massage therapist and choose her as my massage therapist."

Jason Pressman


"I train very hard five to seven days per week and often struggle with tightness, minor tweaks and overuse injuries. Maryanne is truly a miracle worker.  She gives the best sports massages I have ever had and is super knowledgeable about how things are connected and related.  She works "passionately" to rejuvenate your body and get you back in fighting form.  The restorative and rejuvenating powers of her work are truly extraordinary.  And she is a wonderful person with a great spirit that helps create calm.  She is awesome."

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