Meet The Team!

Our elite therapists vary in all ways with regard to expertise, affording our clients the perfect fit for their needs. They bring an unparalleled level of professionalism in every aspect. If you haven't already met them in our office or at some event, please take a moment to check us out!


Maryanne Patton, LCMT


Graduated with honors from both the National Holistic Institute and the College of Massage Therapy. MaryAnne specializes in injury rehabilitation and athletic performance enhancement.  She comes from a varied athletic background and has  had first hand  experience  with sports injuries and recovery.  She has an extensive knowledge and background in kinesiology and biomechanics .  Her  focus remains helping professional and non professional athletes and active persons to achieve and maintain their  peak performance. MaryAnne avidly pursues the advances in technology related to her field to afford her athletes  to be the best in theirs as well.


Philip Morowitz, CMT


Graduated with honors and letter of excellence from the National Holistic Institute.Phil focuses on myofascial therapy and sports massage to target problem areas.  Well versed using multiple techniques to achieve your goals, you will be both informed and cared for in the most optimized fashion. Be prepared for heavy body work as he goes very deep to alleviate the areas of concern.

Quan Huynh


Graduated from the National Holistic Institute, Quan is also a retired competitive badminton player (10+ years). Having to retire his badminton career due to a variety of injuries, he is a great sympathizer for those with athletic injury or in need of regular maintenance and can cater to athletic needs. He is well versed in: sports massage, injury prevention, various other modalities and performance techniques. Quan is here to help you reach your personal fitness goals through massage.

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